www.BoneyM.es® – 19/4/2020

Dear Boney M. Family, Fans and Friends,

Liz, Marcia, Maizie, Bobby and Reggie fans are a very important part of the Boney M. story. Without fans support the story would have been different.

From www.BoneyM.es® we want to thank in a special way all those people who have kept the magic of Boney M. alive since the beginnings.

We are currently creating an Original Boney M. Fan gallery including photos of fans from around the world.

If you have a photo of your Boney M. fan period and you want to share it with us, please send it to us by email at info@boneym.es and we will publish it in the gallery.

Stay safe, take care and … Boonoonoonoos!

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www.BoneyM.es® – 31/03/2020

Songwriter & producer Stefan Klinkhammer (July 26, 1935 – March 30, 2001) helped create the sound of Boney M. He collaborated with Frank Farian from the very beginning of the Boney M. project and he created arrangments for other Farian artists like Gilla, Eruption or Precious Wilson.

As musical arranger he worked extensively with Frank Farian and «The Four» on the team’s music. He created all the arrangements for Boney M’s debut long player Take The Heat Off Me.

He also receives co-writer’s credit on the tracks «He Was A Steppenwolf» and «No Time To Lose».

Stefan was born in Koblenz, Germany. In 1972 he came to Saarbrücken where he met a Frankie Farian who was a local star. They teamed up and started producing. Years went by with only moderate success, when suddenly Farian went to #1 in the German Charts with «Rocky» – a cover version he recorded and also produced. The rest is history…

Boney M. would not be complete without paying homage to Stefan.

Along with Frank Farian he created a sound that would conquer the world as the Boney M sound, that from 1976 on, would fascinate people around the world.

Many thanks to The Penny McLean Official Tribute Page Facebook for the info.

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www.BoneyM.es® – 18/03/2020

Dear #BoneyM. Family, Fans & Friends,

In these difficult times we are living we would like to send you a message of strength and hope.

Listen to music can be as therapy to avoid pessimism and bad vibes.

Use your favorite music to feel emotions and show feelings.

We send our best wishes to everyone.

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www.BoneyM.es® – 26/11/2019

Hace 40 años Boney M. fue invitado a The Royal Variety Performance, un programa de variedades televisado que se celebra anualmente en el Reino Unido con el fin de recaudar fondos para la Royal Variety Charity (de la cual la Reina Isabel II es anfitriona).

El evento, que se celebró el 26 de Noviembre de 1979 en el Theatre Royal, Drury Lane en Londres, se presentó como un espectáculo de variedades en vivo que consistía en entretenimiento familiar y que incluía comedia, música, danza, magia y otros actos especializados.

Como anécdota, Boney M. tuvo que gastar 2000 libras en trajes, ya que la ropa que el grupo iba a utilizar para el acontecimiento se extravió por el camino desde Roma. Finalmente el equipaje apareció y tanto Bobby, como Liz, Marcia y Maizie se quedaron con dos conjuntos de ropa.

Muchas gracias a www.royalvarietycharity.org por la información.

E N G L I S H – V E R S I O N

40 years ago Boney M. was invited to The Royal Variety Performance, a televised variety show held annually in the United Kingdom to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity (of which Queen Elizabeth II is life-patron).

The event, which was held on November 26, 1979 at the Theater Royal, Drury Lane in London was presented as a live variety show and consisted of family entertainment that included comedy, music, dance, magic and other speciality acts.

Boney M. had to spend £2,000 on costumes as their stage clothes were reported missing en route from Rome. Their gear did eventually turn up. however, and they were left with two sets of clothes.

Many thanks to www.royalvarietycharity.org for the information.

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www.BoneyM.es® – 08/11/2019

40 years ago (February 1979), Boney M. were in Leysin, where they are working on a BBC TV special in Switzerland, on which they perform several hits from their previous albums and a preview of their upcoming álbum Oceans Of Fantasy.

Bobby, Liz, Marcia and Maizie recorded “Daddy Cool”, “Rivers Of Babylon”, “Mary´s Boy Child – Oh My Lord”, “Brown Girl In The Ring”, “Hooray! Hooray! It´s a Holi-Holiday” (it was finally not included in the new LP) and “Painter Man”.

“Disco In The Snow” was filmed from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th February and shown by the BBC (UK) on 9th April.

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www.BoneyM.es® – 08/11/2019

Hace 40 años (febrero de 1979), Boney M. estaba en Leysin, para participar en un especial de televisión de la BBC en Suiza. El grupo interpretó varios éxitos de sus álbumes anteriores y un avance de su próximo álbum Oceans Of Fantasy.

Bobby, Liz, Marcia y Maizie grabaron «Daddy Cool», «Rivers of Babylon», «Mary´s Boy Child – Oh My Lord», «Brown Girl In The Ring», «Hooray! ¡Hooray! It´s a Holi-Holiday «(finalmente no se incluyó en el nuevo LP) y » Painter Man «.

“Disco In The Snow” se filmó del miércoles 14 al domingo 18 de febrero de 1979 y fue exhibido por la BBC (Reino Unido) el 9 de abril de ese mismo año.

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www.BoneyM.es® – 14/10/2019

Hoy 14 de octubre  la familia, los fans y amigos de Boney M. celebramos el aniversario de una de las cantantes y componentes originales del grupo: Marcia Barrett.

A lo largo de los años la artista jamaicana ha sabido ganarse el cariño y el respeto de sus seguidores y admiradores.

¡Feliz cumpleaños querida Marcia!

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Today, October 14, the family, fans and friends of Boney M. celebrate the anniversary of one of the original singer and member of Boney M.: Marcia Barrett.

Over the years the Jamaican artist has earned the love and respect of her followers and fans.

Happy Birthday dear Marcia!

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www.BoneyM.es® – 06/10/2019

Bobby Farrell siempre fue un artista admirado pero sobretodo muy querido por sus fans.

A pesar de su pronto fallecimiento (solamente tenía 61 años) nosotros seguimos recordando a uno de los componentes originales de Boney M.

Hoy 6 de Octubre Bobby hubiera cumplido 70 años.

Querido Bobby, allá donde estés, feliz cumpleaños.

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Bobby Farrell was always an admired artist but above all very dear to his fans.

Despite his early death (he was only 61 years old) we still remember one of the original members of Boney M.

Today October 6 Bobby would have turned 70.

Dear Bobby, wherever you are, happy birthday!

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www.BoneyM.es ® – 12/7/2019

Today July 12 Boney M. fans celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Liz Mitchell, original lead singer of Boney M. His voice and his charisma were one of the keys to Boney M. success.

Dear Liz, we wish you a happy birthday!

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Hoy 12 de julio los fans de Boney M. celebramos el aniversario de nuestra querida Liz Mitchell, cantante y componente original de Boney M. Su voz y su carisma fueron una de las claves del éxito de Boney M.

¡Querida Liz, te deseamos feliz cumpleaños!

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