www.BoneyM.es® – 19/4/2020

Dear Boney M. Family, Fans and Friends,

Liz, Marcia, Maizie, Bobby and Reggie fans are a very important part of the Boney M. story. Without fans support the story would have been different.

From www.BoneyM.es® we want to thank in a special way all those people who have kept the magic of Boney M. alive since the beginnings.

We are currently creating an Original Boney M. Fan gallery including photos of fans from around the world.

If you have a photo of your Boney M. fan period and you want to share it with us, please send it to us by email at info@boneym.es and we will publish it in the gallery.

Stay safe, take care and … Boonoonoonoos!

www.BoneyM.es® (Official)