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www.BoneyM.es® – 28/05/2020

The original Boney M. member Maizie Williams has just edited a book titled Natural Health & Beauty: Natural remedies to look good & feel amazing.

Maizie carries her beauty from two generations. Both her mother and grandmother strongly believed and preached the natural treatments for the body, which are now the secrets of Maizie’s everlasting beauty.

This book will serve as a complete guide on how to completely care for your body using only natural products, most of which you will create yourself at home from recipes and ingredients presented.

It´s already available through www.amazon.co.uk

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La componente original de Boney M. Maizie Williams acaba de editar un libro titulado “Natural Health & Beauty: Natural remedies to look good & feel amazing” (Salud y belleza: remedios naturales para verse bien y sentirse increíble).

Maizie lleva su belleza de dos generaciones. Tanto su madre como su abuela creían firmemente y predicaban los tratamientos naturales para el cuerpo, que ahora son los secretos de la belleza eterna de Maizie.

El libro sirve como una guía completa sobre cómo cuidar completamente tu cuerpo utilizando solo productos naturales, la mayoría de los cuales se crearán en casa a partir de recetas e ingredientes presentados.

El libro ya está disponible a través de www.amazon.co.uk.  

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www.BoneyM.es® – 19/4/2020

Dear Boney M. Family, Fans and Friends,

Liz, Marcia, Maizie, Bobby and Reggie fans are a very important part of the Boney M. story. Without fans support the story would have been different.

From www.BoneyM.es® we want to thank in a special way all those people who have kept the magic of Boney M. alive since the beginnings.

We are currently creating an Original Boney M. Fan gallery including photos of fans from around the world.

If you have a photo of your Boney M. fan period and you want to share it with us, please send it to us by email at info@boneym.es and we will publish it in the gallery.

Stay safe, take care and … Boonoonoonoos!

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www.BoneyM.es® – 31/03/2020

Songwriter & producer Stefan Klinkhammer (July 26, 1935 – March 30, 2001) helped create the sound of Boney M. He collaborated with Frank Farian from the very beginning of the Boney M. project and he created arrangments for other Farian artists like Gilla, Eruption or Precious Wilson.

As musical arranger he worked extensively with Frank Farian and «The Four» on the team’s music. He created all the arrangements for Boney M’s debut long player Take The Heat Off Me.

He also receives co-writer’s credit on the tracks «He Was A Steppenwolf» and «No Time To Lose».

Stefan was born in Koblenz, Germany. In 1972 he came to Saarbrücken where he met a Frankie Farian who was a local star. They teamed up and started producing. Years went by with only moderate success, when suddenly Farian went to #1 in the German Charts with «Rocky» – a cover version he recorded and also produced. The rest is history…

Boney M. would not be complete without paying homage to Stefan.

Along with Frank Farian he created a sound that would conquer the world as the Boney M sound, that from 1976 on, would fascinate people around the world.

Many thanks to The Penny McLean Official Tribute Page Facebook for the info.

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